Social networking is everywhere! We meet people, share our pictures, get inspiration, spread our opinions and our talents. Our phones are not only for calling and texting, but a tool we use for our daily social interaction. Phones have become an accessory to our everyday style, just like having matching shoes for your outfit. Shell’Oh! wants to help you show your true personality and style through your phone case.

The idea for Shell’Oh! took form when I realized that Finland is full of really talented young artists.  Some of which may be struggling to make a breakthrough among all the classical artists and designers. Why not gather these artists in one place and spread their art into people's everyday life?

I came across three wonderful art students, and together we created four unique iPhone case collections. The cases are made of high quality, durable material and the designs are beautiful and detailed.

My big dream is to expand the number of young art students and designers to contribute with a style of their own. My goal is for Shell’Oh! to become a virtual art gallery, with art that you can put in your pocket instead of hanging up on the wall. Sometimes the biggest joys in life come in smaller sizes.


With love, Lotta Vanari